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Regardless of a person’s situations, there are a few needs in life that are universal.

In today’s society, we are inundated with items that will supposedly solve all our problems and make life easier. Advertisers lead us to believe that their unique product will meet the “needs” that they attempt to convince us we have. Despite their claims, we still face challenges and we come to realize that life isn’t always “perfect.”

At Milwaukie Covenant Church, we direct people in meeting those needs.

  • First, we believe that hope does not come in a bottle or a new toy, but in a book called the Bible. In it we learn that our hope is in Jesus Christ.
  • Second, Jesus taught that all people, regardless of race and social status were accepted and welcomed in his house.┬áThat too is what we try to emulate at MCC.
  • Finally, regardless of experience and background, all are useful in the sight of God and that He equips each person for service.

Come visit us.

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