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For the past few months our church has been working through a Bible reading series called “Immerse; The Reading Bible”. This study removes the chapter and verse references typically found in Bible translations. The words and content haven’t changed, but it provides a new experience in reading God’s Word. We have participated in this same type of study the last two years.   During that time we have gone through the New Testament and the first twelve books of the Old Testament. We plan on resuming this study later this year.

As of March 10, we are taking a break from the Immerse study and beginning a new series focusing upon the topic of Prayer. A recent report stated that people from all walks of life pray, this includes those outside the traditional Christian circles. Prayer is simple, yet complex and mysterious. One author calls it a journey, and this is the journey that we will take during the next few weeks during our Worship Service.

I invite you to join us for the next several weeks as we take this “Journey into the realm of Prayer”.


Pastor Bill

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