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Current Sermon Series: Benedictions

If you’ve ever been around the organized church, you’ll realize that it’s often filled with traditions. Some are clearly obvious to their origin and purpose, while others we simply accept as “that’s what we do”.

I had probably been a pastor, giving regular sermons for many years when I was approached by a faithful parishioner following a regular Sunday service.  Her eyes were filled with tears as she thanked me not for the sermon, but the Benediction, the short prayer and sending off which typically closes our Worship Service.  She went on to describe her feelings.  In her opinion those words used in the  benedictions were as important as those said during the sermon itself.  As we continued our conversation, her husband chimed in and said that they are the challenge, encouragement and strength that carries the listener throughout the week.

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I often looked to the Benediction as just part of the whole service.  Not to diminish its meaning and intent, but it’s just what we do.  This interaction reminded me that each part of the service has meaning and purpose.  This summer we are spending time looking at some of the Scriptural Benedictions used throughout the history of the church.  Words that were given for the purpose of sending the listener out with encouragement, challenge and strength to face the day.  Come share some time with us Sunday morning as we take a closer look at the Benedictions of the Church.