White Priviledge small group discussion

In January we will be offering a small group discussion/study of how multiculturalism impacts our lives and interactions, including materials from the Unite Church of Christ “White Privilege–let’s talk: A resource for transformational dialogue” and other resources. Meetings will be bi-weekly for 6 sessions through winter. If you would like more information please contact John or Missy Moore .

Immerse Bible Study: Kingdoms
This fall and winter most small groups will begin reading the next installment of our Bible reading through the Immerse Bible.We will be reading Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Samuel-Kings. This section is called Kingdoms. Kingdoms tells the story of Israel from the time of its conquest of Canaan (Joshua) through its struggle to settle the land (Judges, Ruth) and the establishment of Israel’s kingdom, which ends in a forced exile (Samuel–Kings). The nation of Israel, commissioned to be God’s light to the nations, falls to division and then foreign conquest for rejecting God’s rule. Kingdoms will take you on a  16-week journey that will begin the first week of October, take a break for Advent during the month of December, and continue beginning in January. Books are provided at no cost to participants. Groups will engage with the weekly readings using four questions: 1) What stood out to you this week? 2) Was there anything confusing or troubling? 3) Did anything make you think differently about God? 4) How might this change the way you live? To participate in this study, join a small group that meets during the week or attend the Sunday morning Adult Sunday School class that meets in the Fellowship Hall. To join a small group, get a copy of the small group flier in the Narthex and find a group that meets when you can meet. Contact the person listed about joining the group. Or simply attend the Sunday morning group. If you have any questions, contact Bill Flechtner at or 503-407-0505
Fundraiser for Pre-School Playground
The Preschool is having a fundraiser with the goal of $1,000 to replace old playground equipment. Order forms are in the narthex for delicious baked goods and sweetbreads. We appreciate your help and hope to update our playground with new, safe equipment for our preschoolers.
Wichita Center Food Drive
We are partnering up with some other local churches to help the Wichita Center fill their pantry with food. Here are some items that we are looking for and can be placed in the donation box in the narthex:
  • Canned Meat (tuna, chicken, ham, etc.)
  • Cereal
  • Rice
  • Mac n’Cheese
  • Instant Meals (Hamburger Helper, ravioli, etc.)
  • Pasta
  • Canned beans
  • Canned chili
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soup
  • Oatmeal
Fill the PACE Food Pantry
It’s that time of year that we ask for your help in getting the food pantry stocked and ready for the students at PACE. Below is a list of recommended food donations:
  • pasta, spaghetti noodles, pasta souce
  • tuna and tuna helper
  • canned soups, stew
  • peanut butter, jelly
  • canned veggies and canned fruit
  • oatmeal, cold cereal
  • boxed meals like hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese Rice-a-Roni, boxed potatoes, etc.
  • popcorn, Ritz crackers, rice cakes saltine crackers, Wheat Thins,
  • hot chocolate packets
No amount of food donation is too small. You may drop off your food donations in the narthex Thank you for your continued help. Contact Cathy Murphy with questions at 503-975-2886
Covenant Women for Missions
    Women for Missions meets the third Thursday of each month in Room 106. Ladies, don’t miss our first meeting on September 20 at 1:00 pm.  We will have a speaker from Nursing Home Ministries, Don Deboer, who is the National Executive Director Emeritus.  He will be speaking to us about the works they do and how we support them.  Our group has received many thank you’s from the Chaplains in Oregon and Washington.  Come join us for a time of fellowship and hear Don Deboer and of all the projects we will do.  Don is the Father in Law to John Wenrich, the Director of National Covenant.     
Mission Team Quarterly Newsletter

Dearest Missionaries,

What an exciting time we have had enjoying the opportunity to spend time with several of you recently.  We feel truly honored to have you spend your valuable time with us at Milwaukie Covenant Church. We love your updates and we love the opportunity to partner with, and pray for each of you.

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Currently I am in Minneapolis, MN attending the 133rd Annual Meeting of our denomination.  This year we have several important items on the agenda including voting in a new President.  The current nominee is John Wenrich. MCC knows him well as he developed and led our congregation through Veritas, a revitalization program that he developed.  Since its creation, more than 400 churches across the nation, along with several from around the world have benefitted from this program. It is designed to take churches from various places in ministry and develop them into “Healthy Missional Communities”.  We continue to use the components of Veritas to become a more balanced and healthy congregation. You must know that you are also a part of our missional priorities.

June has proven to be a busy month for our church.  On June 3rd we celebrated a number of individuals who have completed significant steps in their life and development.  From those completing pre-school to high-school and secondary education we were able to recognize several. Following church we capped off the event with a parking-lot barbeque, enjoying some sunny weather too.

We have also been able to hear reports from several missionaries we partner with.  Peter Kim from Southeast Asia, John Radcliffe from the Navigators and Kermit Titrud from Wycliffe have been present to update us on their ministries.

The last week of June we will be holding our Vacation Bible School or Kids Day Camp as we call it, using the theme of  “Super-Hero’s”. Kristi our Director of Youth and Family has been working hard, along with many others to prepare for this ministry.  In mid-July, Kristi and Paul Granlund will be taking twelve high-schoolers to CHIC, our denominational camp offered once every three years.  The students have been busily preparing and anxious for the trip to Tennessee where the event is held.

As a congregation, we have been reading through the Pentateuch together.  Each week I preach through one of the sections we have read. We hope to begin reading the Historical books this fall and winter, eventually working through the entire Bible in the next two and a half years.  Our small groups are also participating in this study as they are able to discuss together the weekly readings.

Regularly we are reminded that the Purpose of MCC is:  Building Relationships, Serving Community and Reaching the World.  As you continue to faithfully serve the Lord in your respected areas, know that you are an important part of the ministry of Milwaukie Covenant Church.  We pray for you often, and hope that the God of Grace and Mercy provides you strength, power and direction.



Mission Team Member Highlight:  Miss Adele Wilder

Like her older sister, Enid, Adele was born at home on the family farm on Briggs Avenue in Milwaukie, Oregon on June 17, 1928.  Milwaukie was sparse, so their farm was isolated. Father Maurice was a painter. He loved gardening, had a green thumb and a greenhouse.  Mother, Rachel was a homemaker and along with her husband loved gardening and canning. Enid and Adele’s mother had a large family here in Milwaukie, so they had lots of family in the area.  Maurice and Rachel met in Milwaukie, had three children, raised goats and sold goat milk. Adele, the middle child, went to Milwaukie Grammar School and Milwaukie High School. Like her parents, Adele loves working in the yard and growing plants.

Adele met her beloved Paul at Multnomah School of the Bible.  He was born and raised in California, and moved to Milwaukie with his parents.  His father was hired to preach at Minthorn Community Church, which was the original church that Milwaukie Covenant grew from.  They courted, married and welcomed 2 wonderful daughters Paula and Becky (Rebecca), have 3 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  They were married at Minthorn by her Father-in-law and her husband, who had a beautiful singing voice, sang to her during the wedding.  After a year of College, taking finance, Adele stayed home to raise her girls, than worked 20 years for a Wholesale Co.

What areas have you served at Milwaukie Covenant Church?
I have been Chairwoman of the Women’s Group that met at night, Senior Connextion, the Missions Group and I was the Wedding Coordinator at MCC.

What is your earliest memory and favorite memory?
My earliest memories were playing with our neighbor boy in their yard.  We played games that don’t exist now. My favorite memory was Dad taking all of us on a wagon each year to pick out our Christmas tree.

What are the greatest changes you have witnessed in your lifetime?
The evolution of communication, with the internet, telephones and cell phones.

Have you traveled?
I have traveled to Mexico, Canada and Alaska.  While in High School, I flew to Detroit in a prop jet to pick up a car.  

What are your current Hobbies?
I love and collect pigs and even had a real one at one time.  I had to give it to my cousin because it grew too large. I always have a jigsaw puzzle on the table and I love to read.

What are you currently reading?
MCC congregation is currently involved in the Immerse Study.  Although many small groups are meeting and Pastor Bill’s sermons are coinciding with the readings, I am reading the study on my own.

What has been your biggest challenge during your life?
My biggest challenge has been my mouth cancer.  When I had surgery, I did not think I would make it.  I was blessed by God and although I just completed another session of radiation, my prognosis is good, until it isn’t.

Did you have a nickname while growing up?
I did, I was called “Giggles” by everyone.

(Interviewers note:  Several times during the interview, Adele giggled and it was the sweetest giggle I have ever heard, a giggle that made the room light up and you wanted to giggle with her.)


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