Aloha, God’s “STILL” up to something         May 25th-Aug.2nd

Kim and I have now completed all sections of our sabbatical, the last being a family vacation to Hawaii.  I am still amazed that this Sabbatical Grant included time for the family to have some fun, and we were certainly able to accomplish that with all the kids joining us in Maui.

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We were able to experience a traditional luau, snorkel, swim, take a dinner cruise and even para-sail.  What a wonderful time with the exception of the last two days when Josh crashed a scooter, ending up in the hospital with facial fractures and over 40 stitches.  He was a mess, but it could’ve been much worse.  He was able to fly home to Oregon with us (rather than back to Texas) for a time of recovery.  That’s another G.U.T.S. story (God’s Up To Something)……..

We were all planning to arrive in Maui about the same time. Unfortunately, Emily and Nick missed their flight and would not be getting there until evening.  She had just given us this information when Kim and I were  about to board our Hawaiian bound plane.  At that moment they notified everyone the flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers willing to give up their seat in exchange for flight credits.  They promised to book the volunteers another flight arriving in Maui a few hours later than planned.  Since part of our team would get there later, we decided to give up our seats.  This left Kim and I waiting in the Portland airport for about six hours.  Me reading and Kim catching up on work.  We finally all made it to our destination later that evening.

Although the change was a little inconvenient, the real blessing was realized following Josh’s crash.  There was no way he could take care of himself in Texas. We checked to see if it was possible to get him to Oregon.  What we found was a reasonably priced seat on OUR return flight and paid for it with the flight credits we had just received.  Proof once again that God still works when things don’t always go according to plan.

This whole situation all falls in line with a book I just finished reading entitled, “The Difference Maker” by John Maxwell. (Note: “I highly recommend it”) The thesis is based around the topic of “Attitude”.  Early in it’s pages the author says;

“I can’t always choose what happens to me, but I can                      choose what happens in me.”

Although this “coincidence” (flight re-scheduling) might have seemed insignificant, it was a great reminder that God was taking care of us as it provided the resources to purchase that unexpected new flight for Josh.

I heard a preacher recently say that when God does the unusual, the amazing, He’s given you something to talk about.  Don’t let these things become ordinary – talk about them.  I guess this is just another “spiritual marker” that will be engraved upon my Shepherd’s Staff.  Speaking of that, I will begin recording the events on the staff this next week.