Where to go?                                                                                                   June 27, 2016

This week marks the beginning of section three of our sabbatical journey.  This is where we will travel to Missouri and visit people and places that were part of our first pastorate, (June 92-July 99).  This past Saturday Kim and I hiked to Cast Lake, another section of our sabbatical plan.  The original plan was to hike a much longer trail, however conditions were less than ideal.  By the time we were three miles into our adventure we were drenched.  I guess we both failed to get our Boy Scout merit badge for “always being prepared”.   We still made it roughly eight miles and spent time talking about our travels so far and what brought us to Community Covenant Church in Kearney, MO.

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As we were preparing to graduate from seminary back in the spring of 1992, we were talking with two different churches regarding employment.  The two positions were quite different from each other and almost two thousand miles apart.  We had talked with each of them enough to realized that one was more suited to where we felt the Lord was leading.  However, the other was in a beautiful part of the country and fairly close to our families.

One evening the pastor from this second church came over to our apartment to discuss what they were looking for.  The next morning Kim and I talked about the previous nights meeting and how this position might fit into our “call”.  I knew that Kim really desired this location (and so did I) and although it wasn’t a position where I felt the Lord’s calling I told her that I thought that I could do the job.  She was standing at the bathroom sink when I gave  my response and waited for her approval, because this is what we both wanted.  I can still see her face when she looked at me with those captivating eyes and said, “It’s not the place”.  It was at that moment I realized that God confirmed where He wanted us.

Year’s ago, one of my seminary professors told our class that he hoped sometime early in ministry we would each experience a powerful movement of God.  He explained that such a faith-building event would help carry us through challenging times and build our trust in God’s leading.  Reflecting upon how we felt led to Community Covenant Church in Kearney, MO has been a “faith-building” experience that has carried us for years.