PCT here we come:   (Pacific Crest Trail)                                                                                   June 10, 2106

On Sunday evening June 5th we spent a second night since April 24th in our own bed.  Upon returning from our Israel/European trip on May 30th we left the next day for Indiana.  When we were in France we heard that my sister Patty was placed on Hospice.  Kim and I, along with my sister Betty made arrangements to immediately head out to visit Patty and Ken.  However, before we made it, Patty was “promoted to glory”.  We continued with our plan to South Bend, Indiana where we spent time with family and celebrated a life well lived.  In July, Patty’s family will be coming out to the Northwest and we will have a memorial service up in Bremerton, WA. (where we all grew up).  Thank you for all the prayers and support that were offered up during her 4 1/2 year battle with Multiple Myeloma.

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These pictures show our family gathered in South Bend and following Emily’s graduation from Nursing school in 2012.j Emily’s graduation picture includes Ken (brother-in-law) Betty (sister, living in WA), pb, Emily, Patty (sister).  Since Patty was also a nurse, she was the one who “pinned” Emily, (a nursing tradition).

Part of our sabbatical journey is to spend time reflecting upon how the Lord has shown up and directed us during our life.  Between the four sections of our plan, we are scheduled to hike sections of the Pacific Crest Trail.  OnScreen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.24.05 AM Wednesday, Kim and I took our first trek covering about 10 1/2 miles.  This section didn’t have a tremendous amount of elevation gain so we were able to complete the hike in about four hours, which included lunch and a few scenic stops.  Speed and time were not the purpose, but reflection on our Holy Land trip.  I will take those special moments remembered and record them on the Shepherd’s staff that was included in our sabbatical proposal.

Next we will be entering the second phase of our sabbatical journey.  This is where we will remember times when God “showed up” in the early stages of our life.  Included in this will be visiting friends, family and places in Washington and while in Seminary.