No pictures yet:                                                                                                                May 27, 2016

Today we flew to Reykjavik, Iceland.  I have heard that this is the latest place for people to visit.  I don’t know exactly what to say regarding that statement yet, because we really don’t know what the place looks like.  After a 2 1/2 hour flight delay out of Paris, we were greeted to blowing winds and driving rain.  It almost felt like we were at the Oregon Coast in January.   I heard a couple of friends say following their visit here that this is like a place you have never been to before. Have they forgotten about the Oregon coast in the winter?

Once we settled into our apartment, we headed downtown, or at least to the waterfront.  There were a few shops still open along with several restaurants.  We didn’t spend much time “out and about” because it was probably 40 degrees and windy.  This was kind of funny since we began our trip with temperatures around 100 degrees and now finishing with some considerably lower.  Tomorrow we plan on doing the “Golden Circle” tour and drive to Vik, a town along the southern coast of Iceland.  We don’t know what to expect, but who knows we might even be able to get some pictures tomorrow.