G.U.T.S.                                                                                             May 17, 2016


Have you ever heard me say “G.U.T.S. “ (God’s Up To Something)? Of course you have, but I’d like to say that He is up to something even in Rome. Kim and I headed to the “unfamiliar” train station. After trying to understand how they do things around here (Rome), we went to find something to eat. After placing our ordered for coffee and pastry, I had a horrible coughing attack. Two days ago I started coming down with a cold and it hit hard right as we got to the train station. I couldn’t even talk and Kim was looking around for some water.

There were a couple of ladies sitting by us, one of them reached out and handed me a cough drop, (much like Don Parker does any time I cough at church, THANKS DON). It “just so happened” that these gals were from Spokane and were also heading to Venice. She was a life-saver and we ended up having a nice visit with them.

When John 5:17 says “my Father is always at work and even today so am I”. I guess He is not bound by geographical locations, and for that I am thankful.



One more thing; these Italians don’t know how to drink coffee. I have been on the “coffee wagon” for six months now because of what the caffeine was supposedly doing to my heart, (the jury is still out on that issue). Anyway, hearing all about “Turkish” coffee I decided to break my caffeine sobriety and try some. Well, I must say the Turkish mud is good. I haven’t found a bad tasting coffee yet. However, they don’t know how to pour a REAL cup of coffee. They might know about drinking wine and pouring healthy glasses, but their Coffee Americano is about the size of an espresso shot. My dad would have never made it here. I still remember him (that was almost 40 years ago) commenting about asking for a full cup of coffee any time someone didn’t fill his cup to the brim.   I guess they figured it was more profitable pouring SMALL cups of coffee to American’s rather than generous glasses of vino (JUST SAYIN!).