They all had beards   (second try)                                                     May 11, 2016

Last night I tried sending this post with a few photos.  Since the internet is so slow I haven’t been able to add any pictures lately so last night I tried.  I tried all night long but nothing went out so I will send just some notes regarding yesterday’s schedule.

The previous two days we have been traveling with a group of 25 mostly made up of members from a church in Arizona.  Wednesday (May 11th) they left for an Israel tour.  Kim and I are still on our “Steps of Paul” schedule and are being joined by a couple fro Kauai, Karen and Jerry.  We ate breakfast and headed north.  Our first stop was Thermopytle, the place where a small band of Greeks, mostly Spartans held off the attack of a million Persians in 480b.c.  This location was very crucial to making such a stand and it was through the work of a traitor that they were finally overcome.  Since that time, the topography has changed through the building up of silt so it looks different now, but one can only imagine what that battle looked like.

From there we traveled to Meteora in north central Greece.  In the 11th Century this place was noticed by a few Hermits that were trying to find solitude.  They found such places in the high rocks that border one side of the city.  They would scale the cliffs finding shelter in the rock’s natural caves.  Eventually St Anthony founded a monastery.  Over the years fabulous buildings have been built high atop the rocks.  We were able to reach one of them and took several photos of the others.  The building has been going on for hundreds of years, ( I will remind Kim of that when she hands me my “honey-do” list next time).  Truly, this is an impressive site.

When we settled into our hotel we turned on the tv and found “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” playing.  We laughed because we have quoted several scenes from that show a number of times with our Greek host.  Our guide gives the history of various words just like Tula’s father.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the vast knowledge that James has shared with us.  As we visited that first site where the battle between the Spartans and Persians were, he mentioned that there were some similarities between the actually event and Hollywood’s presentation.  He said, they all had beards”, (read into that what you want).