The Unknown God                                                                             May 10, 2016

Another busy day seeing many sites around the city of Athens. The high-lite had to be visiting the Parthenon.  On the way to the Parthenon we stopped for a brief visit to the Olympic stadium.  I don’t remember the date of it’s initial construction, but it is still in amazing shape, although  it has been refurbished some.  We were told that in this area there is a considerable supply of marble.  The material used to rebuild sections of the stadium match fairly well because it was taken from the area that supplied the initial stone more than a thousand years ago.  On our travel to the site, James, our tour guide gave a detailed lesson of Greek mythology and true history.

Leaving the stadium we traveled to the Parthenon.  James gave us not only some mythology but also details to it’s actual construction.  They are currently working on the building in order to stabilize some of its’ parts.  We were all amazed, (or at least I was) learning all the steps of its’ construction, not to mention thinking about how they shaped all those stones and then put them in place.

On the way down the hill, we stopped for the reading of Acts 17, where Paul preached at Mars Hill.  He must have been a master of opportunity.  In this setting,  learned men spent much time and thought into how they were going to address a particular topic.  Paul stood among them and without much preparation addressed them.  We were reminded at how the Holy Spirit can direct ideas and thoughts in such away that mere human minds cannot compete.  The people wanted to know about this “strange teaching” he was sharing.  Paul immediately commented about the “unknown god” that they had inscribed in areas around their town.  He went on to say, “Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you.” (Acts 17:23b)  Paul’s speech might have only been a few minutes, yet it is seen as one of the great sermons preached in the New Testament.  Paul had a great knack of taking a common event/topic and relate it to the gospel message.

Following this tour, we had the afternoon to explore the city’s Plaka area.  It was nice walking among the various shops and restaurants.  We were warned about the professional pick-pocketers that roam this area.  The only problem we had was dodging all the scooters that raced through the small narrow streets.

Tonight we said farewell to our Aussie friends Glen (a.k.a Mick) and Sue.  We had a wonderful time with them the last two weeks.  Tomorrow we travel to a Monastery located in northern Greece.  We will be traveling with a couple from Hawaii and our guide James.


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