From a Tent Maker:                                                                                   May 9, 2016

We have our feet, or should I say our bed back on solid ground. This morning our ship docked in Athens and we continued on our journey through Greece. The last few days we haven’t had any inter-net connections, and we made it, (except for 10 minutes at a coffee shop. However, spending several unsuccessful minutes trying to connect here at the hotel I am not sure if it’s much better. I probably won’t be adding any pictures, providing I’ll even be able to send this out.

The last 2 ½ days we have visited Patmos, Crete and Santorini. In Patmos we went to visit the cave where John received the Revelation of Christ. Although we were not allowed to take pictures, I can still see the place where he spent writing this book.

In Crete we chose not to travel on any of the option tours, but simply walked through the streets. If you have been watching the news and all that is happening in Greece, we have seen very little evidence of the unrest. On Sunday morning we were walking through the town square and saw a group of people hanging around with some banners and playing loud music. We didn’t think much of it as it could’ve passed for a normal morning around Portland’s Saturday Market. However, when we saw all the police standing around with riot gear we recognized that things might have been a little bit more volatile. That is the only sign that we have seen.

Following Crete we sailed to the beautiful island of Santorini and walked among its’ white-washed buildings located several hundred feet above the Aegean Sea. It truly is an amazing sight and one that I have always wanted to see, (check that off the bucket list). I still remember seeing a picture of my mom riding a donkey up the steep slopes. We took a similar tour but this one had several tires and carried around 50 people. We traveled back to the ship as the sun was setting and shared dinner with our Aussie friends and another couple from New York. The captain pointed the ship west and we were off to Athens.

Today we disembarked the ship and joined a group of 25 that had come from Arizona and California. We will be with them the next two days before they head to the Holy Land tour we just completed. We began the day with seeing the Corinth Canal and hearing about the history of Corinth.   We have another phenomenal tour guide who filled us with so much information we were all in overload mode. We gleaned enough info. to help us realize that an old Tent Maker named Paul was perfectly positioned to make a large impact. Corinth was an area that hosted the Aegean games every two years. During that event, some 40-50,000 would travel to attend. These people needed a place to stay, (we must remember this is before Tom Bodett) and tent makers were in high demand. Although Corinth was a very “worldly” city, Paul would have been able to use his tent making experience to impact the lives of many. We also saw the location of where he faced the proconsul Gallio (Acts 18:12-17). Some Jews confronted Paul and brought their complaint to this judge. Since it was a Jewish issue, he did not want to handle the case and let Paul go, but not before beating him.

A short distance from this was the city marketplace. Our guide talked about the situation in 1 Corinthians 8 where Paul talks about food sacrificed to idols. Again he established the situation of their day, helping us understand the situation even more.

It has been interesting traveling throughout this land. It seems that at almost every turn we see another ancient ruin. Tomorrow we will be touring the major sites in Athens and then spending the afternoon walking around the Plaka area of Greece. I am hoping that at sometime soon I will be sending pictures.